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Wellenzohn Ägidius

BIO Organic Producer – Weißgarberhof

„People are like plants: this is why their diet is so important.“

My story

Glorenza is the smallest town in the Alps and home to Weißgarber farm, which harks back to times long past. It is located on the mediaeval Gerber lane and originally only tanners (known as Gerber in German) were permitted to ply their trade here. Ägidius Wellenzohn runs Weißgarber farm nowadays. He has a broad education, having attended agricultural high school; the South Tyrol technical college for fruit production, viticulture and horticulture; and tertiary level courses in agricultural economics in Innsbruck. He grows Topaz and Red Delicious apples, spelt, wheat, potatoes and vegetables. He also has a kitchen garden and a traditionally planted orchard with ancient trees grown from seed, and heritage apple varieties. The family bake their own bread and sell all their own products at their farm shop on site. Ägidius has grown a large customer base over the years. Perhaps it is because he manages without spraying anything at all. "Feeding," he says, "is the most important thing, the cornerstone of good health, and that applies to plants as well as to humans." That was the reason why Ägidius signed up to organic farming back in 1988. His own approach to caring for the soil, and his use of purely organic fertilizers are the building blocks he uses to grow natural products which really nourish people.

Where I live

My harvest
The bittersweet lady
Beauty meets acidity: This bright and smooth crossover between Topaz & Cripps Pink makes the pests stay away, therefore, it is especially popular in organic farming.
January - March
opaque radiant red colour on creamy background, homogeneous shape, very smooth shell
juicy and crunchy bite
aromatic with pronounced acidity
Red Delicious
Red seduction
The image of the Red Delicious is difficult to resist. Seeing red can be really nice. And the red flavour is even more beautiful!
October - May
dark red colour, conical shape, oblong
juicy with very white pulp
sweet, very aromatic with relatively slight acidity
Nicoter / Kanzi®
Balanced freshness
With its proper balance of sweetness and acidity, Nicoter / Kanzi® offers a harmonious taste experience, almost like yoga for the palate.
October - June
red base colour with yellow secondary colour, rounded shape
compact, firm pulp, very crispy and juicy
balanced ratio of sugar and acid
The beautiful acid
Topaz makes biting the sour apple worthy! The aromatic fruit impresses with a pleasant acidity and is also a common variety in organic farming.
Dicember - April
basic yellow tone with red striped components, round shape with flattened calyx
crunchy pulp with pleasant cream colouring
acidified with sharp acidity


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