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Apple suggestions

Apple Storage and Usage Tips

How to store apples

Apples should be stored in a cool but frost-free place (one to three degrees Celsius are ideal). Apples should be placed on a smooth surface, for example on newspapers, without touching the surrounding apples. Please remember that the stem has to be down and the dried up calyx has to be up. Please do not forget to check apples regularly (about once a week). Remove defective apples immediately, so that their neighbours won’t be contaminated.
By and large, apples can be stored for a long time, some varieties even until late winter. You can best store them in cool cellars or in the fridge. Raw apples shouldn’t be freezed, but apple puree or compote can be put in the freezer for about 8-12 months.
What to keep in mind when buying apples

Apples should be firm, smooth and without any bruises. These are indications for freshness and good storage. Another aspect of a high quality apple is the calyx: if it is sunk, the apple was harvested when ripe. Moreover, you should sniff the apple. If it smells like an apple, it will also taste like one. The colour of an apple doesn’t give us much information about the ripeness of an apple as some varieties – such as Granny Smith – are grass-green even when they are perfectly ripe.

How to wash and peel apples

The content of vitamins and mineral substances in the apple peel is seven times higher than the one in the flesh. This is why apples should possibly be eaten with the peel but don’t forget to wash them under lukewarm water. After washing the apples you can dry them with kitchen paper.

Apple cutter – a cool invention

Wash the apple and then put it onto an insensitive surface such as a cutting board. Put the apple cutter as horizontally as possible on the apple and make sure that the core is in the middle. Then push down the apple cutter. Once you have pushed the apple cutter through the apple, you can remove the single pieces. The apple cutter can be compared to a multi-edged knife and has to be used carefully!


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