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...the labels on our apples can be annoying and they raise some questions.

We explain you why we attach them, why they are harmless and which sustainable alternatives we are currently testing. Would you like to know more about it? Then inform yourself here!
1. Why are labels attached to
Val Venosta Apples?
1. Why are labels attached to
Val Venosta Apples?
We only attach stickers to loosely available apples to give the consumers two important information: the origin of the apple and if it is an organic apple. The “South Tryrol PGI” or “Protected Geographical Indication” denomination distinguishes apples produced in South Tyrol according to stringent production and inspection rules. This mark thus guarantees the tested quality and origin of Val Venosta Apples.

Labels are one of the few possibilities for us to communicate this information on unpacked apples and so we wouldn’t like to go without them, as transparency and traceability are very important to us. Furthermore, the sticker helps the cashiers at the supermarket checkout to see if it is an organic apple and/or of which apple variety and to thus apply the correct price.

2. Do these labels contain harmful substances?

No. These stickers are completely free from harmful substances and a 100% food-safe. They don’t contain any substances that might jeopardize the health or affect the apples’ taste or smell. All our packaging material including labels meet the strict legal requirements in the field of food packaging. The producer issues a declaration of conformity to confirm that the packaging consisting of approved food contact materials corresponds to the legal requirements.
3. How are the labels attached?

The stickers are attached as gently as possible. An own sensor-controlled sticker labeling machine removes the small stickers from the carrier film and uses compressed air to attach them to the apples’ peel. This process occurs during sorting or packaging.

4. Removing these stickers is quite annoying...

Unfortunately, that’s true. This is why we try to avoid them, if possible. We can forgo stickers whenever we can clearly show the apples’ origin and production method on the packaging, which is, for example, the case for apples in cardboard foodtainers or bags.

5. Is there no sustainable alternative?

We have been trying for years to find environmentally friendly packaging types and have been looking for labels made of environmentally friendly materials meeting all requirements. We have already found a few alternatives and thus use biodegradable stickers and paper stickers, if possible. The stickers for our organic BIO Val Venosta apples are certified compostable and can boast the relative OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification. Furthermore, we are currently testing different alternatives to stickers such as “natural branding“, a kind of laser marking.

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