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Stocker Karl Heinz

BIO Organic Producer

“Organic is a synonym for life.“

My story

Karl Heinz Stocker's farm is at 900 metres above sea level, in Prato allo Stelvio at the gates of the Stelvio Pass nature park. He took over from his parents in 1993. The orchards are near the farm, and border the neighbouring forest fens.

Karl Heinz has dairy cows and the majority of his land is used for growing fodder, but he has a small orchard planted with apple trees and vegetables. He likes the variety this brings to the farm. Working in and with nature, with its peace and the animals give him a lot. His brother and sister-in-law lend him a hard-working hand whenever he needs extra support.

His orchards contain Gala in modern rows, with traditionally planted old local varieties like Boskoop and Kalterer Böhmer next to them. Karl Heinz has converted his whole farm to organics. He feeds his livestock organic hay, and delivers organic milk to the dairy and organic apples and vegetables to the cooperative.

For him, organics mean "life". In turn, that gives him extra duties: he keeps a much closer eye on nature's processes and interrelationships, and he works in such a way that they are not disturbed. Showing respect for creation has now become a byword for Karl Heinz.

Where I live

My harvest
Royal Gala
The elegant precocity
The tasty gala appears every summer in its reddish yellow shell and the new apple season begins.
September - March
smooth shell, spherical shape, slightly conical, pale yellow base colour with bright red and striped cover
crispy and juicy with firm pulp
refreshing, sweet with little acidity
The energetic world citizen
These tubers have it all: Not only are they truly nutritious, but they also come in different versions: from soft to solid and compact, they grow in the Venosta Valley so that each recipe has the right potato for it.
beginning of August - end of October
rounded-elongated tuber with brown shell
yellow pulp
mild and slightly soft
Sweet treats
Pears are fruits with ancient origins. The Greek poet Homer described them as a sweet gift from God. In the sunny climate of Val Venosta, these fruits develop an enveloping sweetness and an aromatic heart. The pear is considered a versatile and vitamin-rich fruit, as well as easily digestible, to be enjoyed at any time of day.
Spherical, pear- or bell-shaped, with green, sometimes yellow or reddish skin
Crisp, fleshy or juicy and soft flesh
Sweet, with intense aroma and low acidity


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