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Morgenduft, the fragrance of the morning, returns each year

An apple from grandmother's time

Bake, bake Morgenduft
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The seducer from Ohio
Quite by chance, some two centuries ago round about 1820 the Rome Beauty apple variety developed a mutation. And the Morgenduft was born! The variety was discovered many kilometres away in the Wild West of America and it took some time before the new apple reached the market. It was not until 1848 that it gained a foothold in the American market and from there gradually conquered the world. 

Welcome to Val Venosta
It finally found its way to Val Venosta after the First World War, when American varieties were novel. Once one of the leading varieties, the Morgenduft is rather less well-known nowadays. However it is and remains unbeatable in one area: the kitchen! With its fresh, sweet-sour flavour and its slightly spicy note, it is simply perfect for cakes, desserts, compotes, jams and as baked apples in winter. Because the Morgenduft is particularly juicy, it is very popular for processing into apple juice. Would you have guessed that its peel is especially suitable for use in teas to help you sleep? Try it out and you will be sure of a "fragrant morning"!
Unassuming, tasty, healthy
The Morgenduft variety is very resilient and economical. It is harvested in late autumn and is available for several months. You can enjoy Morgenduft apples from November until May and they are also available as an organic variety. They are best kept in a cool place and not for too long, so that they remain nicely firm and juicy. 
How to recognise the variety: the Morgenduft is recognised by its slightly flattened, round shape and its red colour with light speckling. 

Want to know more? You will find all the details about the Morgenduft here.



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