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Mountain cherries from Val Venosta

Real treasures of nature

Cherry You Smoothie
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Irresistible by nature

The weather and the special microclimate in Val Venosta allow the cultivation of many seasonal premium quality products such as extraordinary strawberries, delicious mountain apricots, tasty vegetables, wonderful berries and irresistible cherries. Our cherries grow in Alta Val Venosta at altitudes between 800 and 1000 meters surrounded by imposing mountain chains. Val Venosta’s fresh mountain air makes them particularly crunchy but also sweet and juicy at the same time. They are typical summer fruits and you can't get enough of them on hot days.

Regina and Kordia – the two cherry varieties in Val Venosta

The two cherry varieties grown in Val Venosta are called Regina and Kordia. Thanks to Val Venosta’s fresh mountain air they are particularly tasty and are real treasures of nature. Their color ranges from shining dark red to violet-black and they distinguish themselves by their round or heart-shaped form and the long stem. Cherries from Val Venosta are very juicy und sweet with a pleasant acidity and are so delicious that both young and old can’t resist! Regina is a cherry variety that is sweet, very large and dark red to brown in color, whereas the Kordia variety can be recognized by its heart-shaped form and the shining red-brown color.
Cherries from Val Venosta are not only delicious

Cherries from Val Venosta are typical summer fruits that become an irresistible pleasure on hot days, as they are not only delicious but also rich in valuable vitamins and minerals. Cherries are antioxidant fruits that can be very helpful after physical effort: they help your muscles to recover after physical activity and reduce tensions. Compared to cherries from other cultivation areas, cherries from Val Venosta are available later, namely from mid-July to mid-August. Cherries are definitely best when consumed fresh but you can also stew them and use them for garnishing cakes and desserts.


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