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Organic, please!

Why nature is our best ally

It’s a fact that organic is becoming more and more popular and so there are a lot of myths about it as well. But it’s actually rather simple and no hocus-pocus. Especially in Val Venosta where producers work with much commitment and nature does its bit.
Water, wind and ideal weather conditions
Organic producers in Val Venosta are lucky: The climate there is on their side. There’s little precipitation but Val Venosta’s fresh wind always blows instead. Due to the dry climate many pests keep away voluntarily.
Moreover, the apple orchards are supplied with water from the side valleys and glaciers. They also benefit from the altitude and the many sunny hours that are responsible for the apples’ firmness and color. To sum up, Val Venosta provides perfect conditions for organic fruit production!
Conditions are ideal in Val Venosta, of course. But organic also means a lot of work!
Commitment for success
Nature is good, cooperation is better. Our organic producers know how to use the natural resources to their advantage. Here you can learn how they keep pests at bay.

Organic secret no. 1: Resistant varieties
Varieties that are resistant to diseases are the dream of all organic producers. This is why we, in Val Venosta, constantly cooperate with different partners such as the Laimburg Research Center or the Variety Innovation Consortium to find and develop such varieties. Self-protection instead of synthetic protection. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Organic secret no. 2: Baking powder against fungi
Even if you only bake after the harvest, baking powder is already used much earlier. The bicarbonate contained in baking powder can prevent fungal diseases such as apple scab. It’s a simple remedy with great effect and without any harmful substances!
Organic on the rise

An area of 870 football pitches
is farmed according to the principles of organic production.

27,500 tons of organic apples
were harvested in 2018, which would be enough to load a large cargo ship.

The number of apple producers who are 100% convinced of organic production is constantly rising in Val Venosta. And they all share the same goal: becoming Europe’s leader in the production of organic apples.
Organic secret no. 3: Sexual confusion
What does sexual confusion have to do with pest control? It’s, in fact, the most obvious method to rout pests. If you hinder them from reproducing, they can’t spread. For this purpose, apple producers use so-called pheromones that encourage males to mate with females in the animal world – or don’t do so. Apple producers deliberately spread “confusing” pheromones with the help of dispensers so that pest males can no longer find pest females. And if there’s no reproduction, there’s no offspring: All’s well that ends well!


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