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Sweet treats

Pears are fruits with ancient origins. The Greek poet Homer described them as a sweet gift from God. In the sunny climate of Val Venosta, these fruits develop an enveloping sweetness and an aromatic heart. The pear is considered a versatile and vitamin-rich fruit, as well as easily digestible, to be enjoyed at any time of day.


Spherical, pear- or bell-shaped, with green, sometimes yellow or reddish skin


Crisp, fleshy or juicy and soft flesh


Sweet, with intense aroma and low acidity

Pears: sweet details

Val Venosta has always been known as the Apple Paradise, but it also offers optimal growing conditions for pears. Farmers in Val Venosta only harvest small quantities, which are characterised by their distinct aromaticity. Today, it is possible to find mainly Williams, Novembra, Pala, Conference and Kaiser varieties. The presence of the Pala pear, Palabirne in German, in Val Venosta was first documented in the 18th century. The trunks of the trees had the characteristic of being particularly gnarled, and at the time, this variety was sympathetically called Pilli Palli.

Although everyone knows the old saying 'don't confuse apples with pears' because they are different, these two fruits actually have something in common: they both belong to the pome fruit family. Pears are rich in vitamins, fibre, potassium, calcium and the mineral boron. As they are low in fruit acids, they are easily digestible and very healthy.

Pears can be enjoyed in many different ways. Excellent eaten raw, they are well suited to be made into juice, jam, or dried, or used as a delicious ingredient for tasty dishes. In addition, the Williams pear is often used to produce the brandy of the same name.


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