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Gamper Manfred

BIO Organic Producer – Fasserhof

„Organic is my return to nature.“

My story

The Fasser farm is in Parcines, close to the spa town of Merano. The orchards around the property are surrounded by hedges and bushes which Manfred planted deliberately in order to give the landscaping a more natural look and to provide a habitat for beneficial organisms. He is the second generation of his family at the Fasser farm and he has been organic since 1997. He gained the necessary knowledge at the Laimburg technical college for fruit production, viticulture and horticulture in South Tyrol. But it took cooperation with his neighbour to muster the courage to make the leap of faith into organics. Both of them started by setting aside a small parcel of their holdings and they soon achieved amazing results. Today, Manfred could not imagine any other way of working. The land looks closer to its natural state, the air feels different, the smell of the orchards is more intense, and the grass has grown back under the Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Idared, Braeburn and Kanzi trees. But of all these aspects, it is the step back into a more natural way of things which Manfred likes most.

Where I live

My harvest
Red Delicious
Red seduction
The image of the Red Delicious is difficult to resist. Seeing red can be really nice. And the red flavour is even more beautiful!
October - May
dark red colour, conical shape, oblong
juicy with very white pulp
sweet, very aromatic with relatively slight acidity
The Val Venosta resistant
The Pinova with its red vermilion-red skin is a typical apple of Val Venosta. Not only is it colourful, it also has a very balanced flavour. Thanks to its long durability, it offers you unlimited fruit enjoyment until the summer season.
January - June
Bicolour, yellow to greenish, at least 30% of the fruit is covered with a bright vermilion colour
refreshing with very crisp, juicy and firm pulp
Balanced proportion of sugar and acid
Nicoter / Kanzi®
Balanced freshness
With its proper balance of sweetness and acidity, Nicoter / Kanzi® offers a harmonious taste experience, almost like yoga for the palate.
October - June
red base colour with yellow secondary colour, rounded shape
compact, firm pulp, very crispy and juicy
balanced ratio of sugar and acid


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