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Erlacher Alois

BIO Organic Producer – Töllerhof

„If you choose organic, you don’t have to worry.“

My story

The Töller farm in Plars di Sopra is a small family business. When Alois Erlacher talks about it, he starts to smile. Unlike a lot of Val Venosta farmers, Alois has all his land in a contiguous plot around his house. This makes work easier. He has been organically growing Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, Pinova and Roho for a while now. "Because, at some point, I started thinking about my health and that of my products. By switching to organic farming all my concerns have disappeared." Farming has always been Alois' life. Since he was a small boy, he has been working on the farm, learning a lot from his father. His relatives always call him up when they need a particularly skilful helping hand. Alois knows every tree on his farm. And when Alois bites into his first apple in autumn, his happiness is complete. Because he knows that he is doing himself good.

Where I live

My harvest
Royal Gala
The elegant precocity
The tasty gala appears every summer in its reddish yellow shell and the new apple season begins.
September - March
smooth shell, spherical shape, slightly conical, pale yellow base colour with bright red and striped cover
crispy and juicy with firm pulp
refreshing, sweet with little acidity
The Val Venosta resistant
The Pinova with its red vermilion-red skin is a typical apple of Val Venosta. Not only is it colourful, it also has a very balanced flavour. Thanks to its long durability, it offers you unlimited fruit enjoyment until the summer season.
January - July
Bicolour, yellow to greenish, at least 30% of the fruit is covered with a bright vermilion colour
refreshing with very crisp, juicy and firm pulp
Balanced proportion of sugar and acid
The juicy all-terrain
For a small snack between meals or used in many ways in the kitchen and bakery: The Braeburn is a true all-terrain. Be patient with it, as it develops its full aroma only after several storage months.
November - May
Roll shaped with a smooth and shiny surface, golden yellow base, scarlet to dark red with stripes
very juicy with firm bite and firm pulp
pleasant proportion of sugar and acid, very refreshing
WA38 / Cosmic Crisp®
Heavenly taste
Heavenly attractive in appearance and taste. Pleasant summer fruitiness with aromas of green grass, kiwi and gooseberry.
February – April
Dark red-purple blush on a yellow-bright base color.
Very crunchy, particularly juicy and with a hard paring.
Sweet-sour; balanced taste. Aromas of green grass, kiwi and gooseberry.


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