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Pircher Franz

Organic Producer - Waldhof

„Nature is not programmable.“

My story

As an organic producer I now have a very positive attitude to life. It more and more resembles the one of my wife. She is from sunny Croatia and is strongly linked to agriculture due to her youth on her parents’ farm in Croatia. It was her who made me reflect on many things. One example is the use of fertilizers that I used too vehemently in her view. She and her family didn’t have all these fertilizers before Croatia’s accession to the EU and nevertheless didn’t have any problems with growth in their fields. I started following her advice of „Less is more“ and she was right. I have asked myself more often „Is that really necessary?“ or „Can I do without it?” since then.

The secrets of organic production with its careful observations of nature don’t all reveal themselves at once, let alone per order. I rather reveal them during discussions with other apple producers who share their knowledge bit by bit for free and with my brother who is an organic producer as well and during many courses. There is no checklist that works a 100% because nature can’t be programmed. You hear a lot, but you can’t believe everything. Every slope, every orchard, every position is climatically unique and everybody has to find a way that is fine for him and his orchard. Nature is very complex in detail and wants to get the necessary attention. Then it gives you a lot.

It’s a challenge that you have to accept as an organic producer. But it is exactly this challenge that makes it exciting and interesting and brings you back to the cycle of constant learning. So you keep mentally young, modest and thirsty for knowledge. The most important thing, however, is that you carry a positive attitude to life with you that makes you understand that nothing is predetermined and that you can influence your life, always in dialogue between nature and you. You tell nature how you would like it to be and it can then meet your wish or not. But if you don’t just demand, but listen to it carefully, you understand when it is ready to give you a lot. And then nature keeps its word.

Where I live

My harvest
Royal Gala
The elegant precocity
The tasty gala appears every summer in its reddish yellow shell and the new apple season begins.
September - March
smooth shell, spherical shape, slightly conical, pale yellow base colour with bright red and striped cover
crispy and juicy with firm pulp
refreshing, sweet with little acidity
Red Delicious
Red seduction
The image of the Red Delicious is difficult to resist. Seeing red can be really nice. And the red flavour is even more beautiful!
September - July
dark red colour, conical shape, oblong
juicy with very white pulp
sweet, very aromatic with relatively slight acidity
Golden Delicious
The classic delicious
Golden Delicious is our main variety and, therefore, the queen of Val Venosta apples. That the most popular apple has a real quality, can be seen in its lovely red cheek. By the way, this is typical of fruits on a hillside.
October - September
greenish yellow to golden yellow
juicy with very fine and soft pulp
sweet with delicate acidity
Snow White’s apple is sweet as honey
With its red cheeks, the Ambrosia™ is really good for biting. Children especially love this particularly sweet apple, which makes this healthy snack literally a treat!
October - April
yellow base colour with flaming red secondary colour
juicy and crispy pulp
very sweet and juicy, reminiscent of honey and nectar


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