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Weiss Josef

BIO Organic Producer – Weisshof

„Organic apples are the best products guaranteed by nature.“

My story

Weiss farm is in Laces, right in the middle of the fertile, balmy, sun-kissed valley floor of the central Val Venosta. All the farm's land is spread out in the same area. The property has been in the Weiss family for three generations. His grandfather bought it before the Second World War and now Josef,  graduated from the agricultural high school in Ora, and his wife do all the work. 

Referring to the land which he has been able to buy he could expand his farm over time. He produces red and yellow varieties.

Josef has also been offering farmstays since 2006, and his guests love the produce from his land. Josef decided to convert the entire farm to organics. He thinks that his success today vindicates that decision. No heavy-handed intervention is needed and his apples are guaranteed natural products.

Where I live

My harvest
Red Delicious
Red seduction
The image of the Red Delicious is difficult to resist. Seeing red can be really nice. And the red flavour is even more beautiful!
October - May
dark red colour, conical shape, oblong
juicy with very white pulp
sweet, very aromatic with relatively slight acidity
Golden Delicious
The classic delicious
Golden Delicious is our main variety and, therefore, the queen of Val Venosta apples. That the most popular apple has a real quality, can be seen in its lovely red cheek. By the way, this is typical of fruits on a hillside.
October - September
greenish yellow to golden yellow
juicy with very fine and soft pulp
sweet with delicate acidity
SQ 159 / Natyra®
Natural talent loaded with aroma
The rustic apple with delicate pear and citrus spices keeps the pests away and impresses by its excellent flavour.
October - April
red to dark red, rustic appearance
good texture and juiciness, crunchy and compact
sweet and sour with pear and citrus aroma
Explosion of intense flavour
The Fuji apple is named after a volcano, but inside the Japanese is very sweet.
November - May
pale pink to dark red, lightly striped colour on a greenish-yellow background, rounded shape
compact and very juicy with high sugar content
very sweet and aromatic
Nicoter / Kanzi®
Balanced freshness
With its proper balance of sweetness and acidity, Nicoter / Kanzi® offers a harmonious taste experience, almost like yoga for the palate.
October - June
red base colour with yellow secondary colour, rounded shape
compact, firm pulp, very crispy and juicy
balanced ratio of sugar and acid


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