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The pulse of nature

When soulmates meet

Imagine there were no night and it were always light. Would we then always be awake or would we nevertheless rest? When it’s dark, you don’t miss anything. That’s true. Nature covers the sun with a veil and turns on the saving mode to see at least a little bit… you never know. Day and night, day and night, bum-bum, bum-bum… I experienced nature in all seasons and internalized its rhythm. Nature dictated the beat, often slow, sometimes fast. I meditated with this beat in my childhood. It reduced stress and let me see the little things: Val Venosta’s refreshing wind, the intense murmur of the Adige river in spring after the thaw, the dry summer days and the crystal clear, fresh autumn nights.

I so much enjoyed all this. Bum-bum, bum-bum… My parents taught me to be prepared at the right moment. I instinctively adapted my growth to the rhythms of day and night. The pulse of nature became my pulse. Now we beat as one. Even now that I’m grown up. Full of energy. The sun kissed me during the day and the moon looked at me as well. I didn’t want to sleep much. The tepid summer nights were too beautiful. I didn’t want to miss them. Now I’m ready for my adventures, explosive like a volcano, bubbly like a steep mountain stream… this is how I am and how I want to be. Bum-bum, bum-bum…
I’m Kanzi®. I’m born in Belgium and at home in the world. I especially like Val Venosta. Because I love the sun. I want to give energy but to do so I first have to get it. In Val Venosta, I can find plenty of it for free. My wonderful bright red and yellow color shows the diversity of my explosive aromas. My taste is unbeatable and with lots of beat. Bum-bum, bum-bum…

You have to bite into me to overcome my crunchiness and feel my heartbeat, this juicy beat. Can you feel how it transfers to you? Does it happen too fast? You have to get used to the power of big taste, I know. You've never experienced something like that before. I decide from now on. No more meditating, I want to unload my energy. When are you ready? Allow me to seduce you and I will be satisfied… and you too. Together we shine. Not only on Facebook or Instagram, but in the real life of special taste. Do you share my story? It’s thrilling, pulsating, refreshing and deliciously vivid.

I’m Kanzi®. Bursting with energy and dynamic as you always wanted to be. A luxury for the small moments. So I can satisfy your zest for life. Bum-bum, bum-bum…


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