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Felderer Heidi Maria

Organic Producer

„My delicious berry garden makes insects and people happy.“

My story

I could also work in tourism, if I wanted, as my mother runs the „Almrausch“ guesthouse in Burgusio in Alta Val Venosta. My great passion, however, is the cultivation of berries. I harvest currants and gooseberries in June, summer raspberries in July and autumn raspberries when the days are getting shorter. The new shooting star in the fruit and vegetable section, the bright green kiwi berry, is also mature in autumn. In my opinion, there is no alternative to organic when it comes to cultivating berries.

These sweet delicacies are, of course, exposed to many risks: These can be flies and birds, which you can keep at bay with large nets, or the tiny spider mites. The only way to put a stop to them in organic production is with predatory mites, their natural antagonists. I order my favorite predatory mites from a trusted trader. I then get small sachets with predatory mites in different stages of development by courier. I put them between the single rows of the high raspberry bushes. They continue diligently until all spider mites are eaten up. Then they get cannibalistic and eat themselves. My berries are very thankful to these external helpers. Other pests are garden chafers and cockchafers that I try to keep in check with the help of pheromones.

During the flowering season wild bees and bumblebees always find a flowery buffet with fragrant flowers in my berry field. As the surrounding hayfields are mown three times in summer, my berry field constitutes a constant guarantee for these useful insects. The water for the drip irrigation of my one-hectare-large field directly comes from Lake San Valentino alla Muta at an altitude of 1,450 m above sea level. Here in Alta Val Venosta, nature offers best conditions for the cultivation of berries according to organic principles. During the harvest my helpers and me work intently to separate bright red fruits from the light red ones and carefully put them into small trays. The cooperative is then responsible for sale. Many of my berries are sold in the retail trade. Each tray of 125 g makes people happy for a few minutes. I know that.

Where I live

My harvest
Soft and velvety juice stock
If you indulge in the delicious juicy flavors of these delicate berries, they may become your weakness. Simply wonderful!
from July to August
intense red, about 2 cm in diameter, round and oblong shape
small velvety berries, empty core
deliciously sweet
Black currants
The dark vitamins pumps
Black currants have a wonderfully intense flavour with their subtle sour note and are also full of vitamin C. There is no reason to see everything dark!
dark black berries, about 10 mm in diameter
high concentration of vitamin C
intense, slightly dry
Red currant
The little joy
Acid is fun. The currants also know it and they will give you a very good daily start with its delicious acid taste.
beginning of July - end of August
berries, 5-10 mm, round, smooth, red to dark red
very juicy berries with numerous seeds
sour acid
The gentle lady
The white cabbage with discrete aroma represents 95% of the vegetables production in the Venosta Valley. By the way, it owes its floral name to a botanical peculiarity: cabbage is the state of the plant that has not yet blossomed.
beginning of June - end of October
Fleshy, flower sprouts together in a radiant white head and green leaves
rich in vitamin C and minerals, crispy
soft with a subtle aroma


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