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Schuster Andreas

BIO Organic Producer – Feldhof

“You only achieve big goals step by step.”

My story

Andreas Schuster manages Feldhof farm together with his wife. They are based in the village of Vezzano, which is close to Silandro, the administrative centre of Val Venosta. The farm has been in the family for generations and lies at the foot of the Monte Sole mountain, in a perfectly sun-kissed spot. The warm, protected climate means that Vezzano is the top wine-producing village in the Val Venosta. The Feldhof farm is nevertheless specialised in apple growing. Andreas was a late starter as far as farming is concerned. He only realised after he left school that his main passion was for agriculture. Today, his orchards contain Pinova, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Red Delicious and Topaz. The plots are all next to each other. This is important for organic apple farmers because it reduces the amount of time spent travelling from one parcel to the next, as well as minimising the proportion of land at the edge of the plantations. Andreas signed up to certified organic agriculture in 1999. "That's how I managed to avoid having to use synthetic agrochemicals. But the quality of my apples has increased all round!"

Where I live

My harvest
The bittersweet lady
Beauty meets acidity: This bright and smooth crossover between Topaz & Cripps Pink makes the pests stay away, therefore, it is especially popular in organic farming.
January - March
opaque radiant red colour on creamy background, homogeneous shape, very smooth shell
juicy and crunchy bite
aromatic with pronounced acidity
The Val Venosta resistant
The Pinova with its red vermilion-red skin is a typical apple of Val Venosta. Not only is it colourful, it also has a very balanced flavour. Thanks to its long durability, it offers you unlimited fruit enjoyment until the summer season.
January - June
Bicolour, yellow to greenish, at least 30% of the fruit is covered with a bright vermilion colour
refreshing with very crisp, juicy and firm pulp
Balanced proportion of sugar and acid
The juicy all-terrain
For a small snack between meals or used in many ways in the kitchen and bakery: The Braeburn is a true all-terrain. Be patient with it, as it develops its full aroma only after several storage months.
October - May
Roll shaped with a smooth and shiny surface, golden yellow base, scarlet to dark red with stripes
very juicy with firm bite and firm pulp
pleasant proportion of sugar and acid, very refreshing


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