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Zuegg Andreas

BIO Organic Producer

„Nature knows no compromise, just consequences“

My story

The Moaracker farm is situated in the municipality of Castelbello/Ciardes at the sunny side of Val Venosta. Andreas Zuegg and Rosl, Michael and Johanna have farmed the five hectares of their farm organically since 2007. In 2015, the „Moaracker“ farm became a Demeter farm based on biodynamic cultivation only. „Agricultural businesses and the food they produce are shaped by the people who live on and off the farm, by their individuality and their sense of responsibility,“ says Andreas Zuegg. „We have the honor and luck that we can develop and fulfil ourselves with the farm.“ Andreas and his family grow their apple varieties Gala, Topaz, Kanzi, Bonita, Natyra, Pinova, Stark, Braeburn and Golden Delicious as well as pears by solely sticking to the strict Demeter guidelines. Soil fertility and circular economy are central themes of their work: „The use of nature-friendly products such as horn manure, horn silica or compost preparations help us,“ explains Andreas. Dedicated farmers improve soil fertility with the help of specific sowing. They strengthen the resistance of the apple trees with homemade homeopathic remedies. Andreas Zuegg is convinced that „only food that solely consists of natural ingredients can completely feed people and revitalize both the body and spirit.”

Where I live

My harvest
The bittersweet lady
This bright and smooth crossover makes the pests stay away, therefore, it is especially popular in organic farming.
January - March
opaque radiant red colour on creamy background, homogeneous shape, very smooth shell
juicy and crunchy
SQ 159 / Natyra®
Natural talent loaded with aroma
The rustic apple with delicate pear and citrus spices keeps the pests away and impresses by its excellent flavour.
October - April
red to dark red, rustic appearance
good texture and juiciness, crunchy and compact
sweet and sour with pear and citrus aroma
Nicoter / Kanzi®
Balanced freshness
With its proper balance of sweetness and acidity, Nicoter / Kanzi® offers a harmonious taste experience, almost like yoga for the palate.
October - June
red base colour with yellow secondary colour, rounded shape
compact, firm pulp, very crispy and juicy
balanced ratio of sugar and acid


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