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Kuen Markus

Organic Producer - Saxnerhof

„The prehistoric location of our farm is characterized by a mysterious magic.“

My story

When marshlands still prevailed in the valley in prehistoric times, the area of our Saxnerhof farm (762 m) was already populated. The peoples of that time lived in harmony with nature and felt the energy flows running through the Earth like a blood vessel and then coming to the surface in certain parts.

Our farm with typical inn and the surrounding apple orchards and vineyards are in one of these magical power places where people reunite with nature and recharge their batteries. Evidence shows that the so-called Saxner Trail between Parcines and Velloi had already been used as an energy trail in the Bronze Age. For me the only way to cultivate such an area was according to the principles of organic production. Everything else would mean working against history. Almost an outrage against everything that sets us apart. This heritage estate has so much to offer.

Fortunately, a friend of mine, an organic producer and pioneer of ecological cultivation, advised me soon enough and I listened carefully to him. This year, I can deliver the first organic apples to the cooperative. At the age of 37 years, this is a milestone in the history of our farm. Furthermore, I have dedicated myself to viticulture for more than ten years. We produce the autochthonous Vernatsch, Zweigelt but also Chardonnay and Müller-Thurgau wines and the one-day guests at our typical inn along the Saxner Trail enjoy this alcoholic organic nectar.

Who knows what the future will bring? I wish I could get more guests interested in agritourism. So they could experience the many energy points around our farm with a slight tingling sensation, increased pulse or in some other way. Our grove with imposing chestnut trees is a precious energy supplier during the Törggele period in autumn and we are currently collecting the first experiences with tourism. We will nevertheless preserve the joy of producing apples. My family and me are always good for a surprise and we like new and exciting situations. There is lots of energy for that at the „Saxnerhof“ power place above Merano. Since prehistoric times.

Where I live

My harvest
Royal Gala
The elegant precocity
The tasty gala appears every summer in its reddish yellow shell and the new apple season begins.
September - March
smooth shell, spherical shape, slightly conical, pale yellow base colour with bright red and striped cover
crispy and juicy with firm pulp
refreshing, sweet with little acidity
Red Delicious
Red seduction
The image of the Red Delicious is difficult to resist. Seeing red can be really nice. And the red flavour is even more beautiful!
September - July
dark red colour, conical shape, oblong
juicy with very white pulp
sweet, very aromatic with relatively slight acidity
Golden Delicious
The classic delicious
Golden Delicious is our main variety and, therefore, the queen of Val Venosta apples. That the most popular apple has a real quality, can be seen in its lovely red cheek. By the way, this is typical of fruits on a hillside.
October - September
greenish yellow to golden yellow
juicy with very fine and soft pulp
sweet with delicate acidity
Explosion of intense flavour
The Fuji apple is named after a volcano, but inside the Japanese is very sweet.
November - May
pale pink to dark red, lightly striped colour on a greenish-yellow background, rounded shape
compact and very juicy with high sugar content
very sweet and aromatic
Nicoter / Kanzi®
Balanced freshness
With its proper balance of sweetness and acidity, the juicy Nicoter / Kanzi® offers a harmonious taste experience and a lot of energy, almost like music for the palate.
October - July
red base colour with yellow secondary colour, rounded shape
compact, firm pulp, very crispy and juicy
balanced ratio of sugar and acid


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